We Are Dynamo - Guidelines for Academic Requesters on Mechanical Turk

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    The Guidelines
    You can read the guidelines here: Guidelines for Academic Requesters or download the PDF version here.

    The History
    As you may have read previously (Post 1, Post 2), this past summer lots of turkers and some academic researchers worked together to develop a document that serves as guidelines for academic requesters who are using Mechanical Turk. These guidelines include the basics of how to be a good requester and what fair pay is.

    Academic Requesters and Researchers
    Academic requesters and researchers are invited to sign to show agreement to follow these guidelines in their future research. You can find a list of the requesters who have already signed in agreement on our Trusted Academic Requesters and Researchers post. We know these requesters support fair treatment for workers and can be trusted.

    Workers are also invited to sign to show agreement. Follow the instructions to add your support. The more workers who sign it, the more powerful it becomes! [Edit: New Worker signatures are currently unable to be added. This will be updated when signatures are enabled again.]

    Non-Academic Requesters
    While this document is meant for academic requesters and can only be signed by academic requesters and researchers, it's also an excellent resource for non-academic requesters to learn about how to be a good requester. Please share it with non-academic requesters who are interested in learning how to fairly treat Mechanical Turk workers.

    What Else Can I Do To Help?
    The Dynamo wiki offers a great email template you can use to inform requesters about the guidelines. You can also mention it at the end of surveys when asked if you have any other questions or comments. Please help requesters learn about these Guidelines and agree to follow them! There are also template emails you can use in the event that you find a requester violating the guidelines after they have signed it.
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