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    Starting out with mTurk is a great new experience and it can seem daunting at first. After you initially sign up for mTurk you are on a 10 day probation period which means you have some restrictions. The biggest restriction you have is only being able to do 100 HITS per day. After the probation period is over this restriction is lifted and you can now do a maximum of 3800 hits per day! Mturk is a wonderful place that allows you to work on many various jobs ranging from university studies, transcribing audio, and data entry. You have the leisure and choice to pick and choose anything you want to work on and that’s always an awesome feeling! At it’s core mTurk can be broken down into 3 type of hits for the most part, those being:

    • Surveys
    • Transcriptions
    • Data Entry (these hits usually come in batches which mean you can do more then 1 hit)

    Each of them can provide you with money and it all comes down to personal preference. You might find your niche in one of these, it’s all about trial and error to find out what you like. As you continue working on mTurk you will come to find out many HITS have certain requirements, some will require you to have a certain number of HITS completed in order to accept a HIT and some even require you to live in a certain country. The two biggest requirements are more than likely the number of hits you have approved and what percentage you are at for HITS approved. Here are some milestones you should reach for in order to complete most of the HITS murk has to offer:

    • 500 HITS Approved: This is the first milestone in a turkers life that they must reach. Many surveys require this and it’s just necessary all around. Find ways to reach this goal in your first 10 days during the probation period, it will only get easier from there

    • 1000 HITS Approved: This in my opinion is my most essential milestone that a turker must absolutely reach, one way or another. The majority of work on mturk ranging from surveys, data entry batches, and transcriptions require that you have 1000 hits Approved on your account.

    • 5000 HITS Approved: Many high paying batches require this amount of hits completed. It’s actually one of the rarer amounts that you see out there on mturk, but it’s good to have nonetheless.

    Those 3 amounts are the most essential. Every now and then you might come across some HITS that require 10,000 or even 20,000 approved, but its very rare. Regardless, increased your amount of HITS approved is essential to open up these milestones and not just that, having more HITS approve can help the impact of a rejection. Which is the other score that you must keep in check. Your HIT approve percentage is another requirement that many requesters use in order to allow access to their hits. This isn’t too hard to change as the more hits you get approved, the more your approve percentage goes up. Always try to stay at 99% as you can gain access to the majority of hits with this percentage. Here’s a picture for reference:


    I hope this information can help you jump start your positive experience with mturk! Don't forget to follow the Awesome HITS thread in order to find hits people post throughout the day as well as the HITS Feed! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send me a private message. Have fun and be safe!
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