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Discussion in 'AMT Feedback' started by ZinGy, May 28, 2014.

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    This section of the forum is used by workers who want to give feedback on Amazon's Mechanical Turk. I encourage you to also use it to post any suggestions, comments, criticisms, and ideas you have for mTurk. The more comments we have, negative or positive, the better chance we have at garnering attention to the flaws and positives of mTurk in hopes of change. Please keep it civil and thanks!
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    Oct 23, 2013
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    The best suggestion I can give Amazon is show some respect for your workers.

    Workers have no way to address grievances with how requesters have treated them. I'd make the following suggestions to Amazon:

    1) Implement a formal grievance process that workers can bring against requesters and take action against requesters who are scamming workers. If workers have to have a standard, why don't requesters?

    2) Require that a requester respond to emails they receive. Nothing frustrates me more than sending a requester a contact asking for clarification on a rejection and being met with crickets. This is completely unacceptable.

    3) Be more transparent with worker standards... for example, I recently got Masters. Why? What aspect of my work prompted Amazon to do that? And what is Amazon specifically looking for when they decide to either allow me to keep it or take it away? It's very difficult to make sure your work is up to snuff when all you have to go by is your approval rating.

    4) Clarify when a block counts against you and when one doesn't, and give workers the means to see who has blocked them, why they've been blocked and which blocks are counting against them. A requester should NEVER be allowed to block a worker without the worker knowing why.

    That's what I got.
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