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    This requester's representative(s) posted a lot of tips about their HITs over the years and I decided to get them all in one place.

    Their original requester account was, ~Apr 2011 to Sep 2014: NetMsi

    They changed names/account IDs in Sep 2014 to: AdultNetHITs

    They post a bunch of HITs for classifying/tagging/describing/titling porn videos.

    They've posted on forums as:
    MTG - TrevorNetmsi (@TrevorNetmsi@TrevorNetmsi)
    Reddit - TrevorNetmsi
    MTF - Oversight (back in 2012)
    CMB - TrevorNetmsi

    Quotes to follow in replies...
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    May 2013 - They used to have an informative post on Reddit at Hello from Netmsi : mturk, but its contents have now been 'removed' at some point. :rain: I think this is a copy of the same thing, which he posted at CMB simultaneously:

    " Hi, it's been a while since anyone here at Netmsi did a question/answer type post, and there has been some negative feedback lately. So, as suggested by the moderator of TurkOpticon, here I am.

    First off, I want to address something that comes up fairly often. Many Turkers see negative feedback from people who have gotten rejections, and think they see a trend of us getting tougher/meaner/random. Well, here's the data:

    Month - HITs Posted (Percent Approved)
    2011-Sep - 2178 (94.53%) - First in new layout, titles and descriptions
    2011-Oct - 52706 (93.79%)
    2011-Nov - 109319 (96.14%)
    2011-Dec - 55588 (98.54%)
    2012-Jan - 70696 (97.69%) - First watermarks HITs
    2012-Feb - 113540 (95.35%)
    2012-Mar - 147031 (98.05%)
    2012-Apr - 200668 (98.02%)
    2012-May - 168623 (93.95%)
    2012-Jun - 102526 (95.72%)
    2012-Jul - 245018 (95.23%)
    2012-Aug - 37395 (90.25%)
    2012-Sep - 101344 (95.38%) - First actor/tag/images HITs
    2012-Oct - 165286 (98.03%)
    2012-Nov - 325591 (98.24%)
    2012-Dec - 28833 (98.55%)
    2013-Jan - 96384 (96.98%)
    2013-Feb - 122934 (97.81%)
    2013-Mar - 282812 (97.14%)
    Total - 2428472 (96.71%)

    So, overall there's little change in the approval rate. The monthly rates do swing a bit, but the cumulative stays in the range between 95.5% and 96.5%. Negative feedback is to be expected though, we've rejected over 80 thousand HITs total and at least some of those people are going to think it was unfair. All I can say to that is if you think a rejection was incorrect, send us a message. I investigate all disputes and will reply with an explanation of what I've found. If a mistake was made on our part we will get the rejections reversed.

    This next bit won't be a surprise to anyone who have done our HITs in the past: we're slow. The title and description HITs are all reviewed by our staff, which takes some time (usually 3-4 business days, sometimes a bit longer). The actor info, tagging, and image selection HITs are all part of the same process for a scene, so there has to be time built in to allow for the latter steps to complete and be reviewed. The latter two steps include verification of the previous step, but we do not use a majority-rules system for this. Every dispute is reviewed by our staff. Any HITs that do not get rejected through the review process will be auto-approved in nine to eleven days (actor info: 11, tags: 10, images: 9).

    Aside from it being bad for your stats, rejecting, re-posting, and re-reviewing HITs costs us money too. It is in our interest not to reject anything that is usable. We would actually lose money if we made random rejections. We don't scrutinize the information that is subjective, so we won't reject over "big" vs. "huge", or if the image picked wasn't the "best" one for that tag (as long as it does contain the tag content). The writing ones are a little tougher in this respect, as the spelling and grammar needs to be at least readable and the content matters. The writing hits pay more because they require a more skill-based task, essentially they're more difficult.

    We set the maximum time allowed to a multiple of the average completion. I often get messages requesting that we provide more time for the tagging HITs. I'd suggest to you that if for some reason (connection speed, or otherwise) you can't complete them in the time provided then you probably shouldn't be doing them, since it would equate to less than 40 cents an hour if done that slowly. Removing the slow outliers, the average hourly rate of pay for the actor/tag/image HITs is at a number that we are comfortable with.

    Lastly, I'd like to point out that we are a company. It's not just me (I'm one of the programmers that wrote the "new" interface, so I do the reviews because I have the most access to all the raw data). Part of this is that we work from 9-5, Mon-Fri. If you send a message on Friday night, it won't get answered until Monday morning.

    I think that's all the major issues that have been coming up lately. If you have any concerns that I didn't address, feel free to ask here or send us a message through the normal Requester Messaging. "​

    From his comments in reply to that post, likewise mysteriously invisible now on the post itself (caught in some sort of Reddit filter? I sent a message to the /r/mturk mods about this) but could be retrieved from his Reddit profile's comment history:

    " We're generally looking for unique text for each scene that fits the following criteria:
    -good spelling and grammar
    -not racist
    -fits the scene
    -not from a template "​
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    Jul 2012 - Discussion - I work at NetMsi : HITsWorthTurkingFor (also posted as a comment in response to someone complaining about a bunch of rejections)

    " I'm one of the people who works at NetMSI, and I wanted to clarify some things. We've had to reject more responses than usual in the last couple weeks, and the majority of them were due to people copy/pasting and using templates. We can't use that type of response, since it looks like it was generated by a program/script, and we've seen a lot more of those lately. Sometimes our approvers will use the reason that it looks like scripting, when it's actually copy/pasting, but from our end it's sometimes hard to tell the difference.

    I'd like to note that we don't gain anything from rejecting submissions. We immediately repost any rejected HITs, so we're not trying to fill any quotas or anything like that. In a perfect world for us every submission would be acceptable. Rejecting, reposting, and re-reviewing submissions costs our company time and money.

    Also, we don't automate our approvals. We have people reviewing every response, which is why we're a lot slower than other Requesters. If there's a delay in approval, it's not an indication that we don't like your work, it's just that we haven't gotten to it yet.

    So, here's some basic things to avoid when writing for us (i.e. the most common things we have to reject for): using templates, repeating titles, starting every title with the same two words, making up names when none are provided, implying rape, implying incest, implying anyone is underage, unreadable grammar or spelling, copying existing titles from other websites, and racism.

    Thank you to everyone who has done HITs for us. Creative and funny titles are always appreciated. "​

    Clarifications from him in comment replies to that post:

    " When I say "similarity" I don't mean of content or ideas, since those will often be similar (especially when we post batches that are all in one niche). It's more sentence structure and flow that's the issue. When Turkers start with a template and swap out [hair colour][action][word for pretty] then it looks like a computer generated it, and we can't use that. "​

    " Using names that aren't provided is good if you recognize the actor. Just be sure of who it is, and don't make up fake names. "​

    " Fake names are what we don't want. If you recognize an actor (and are sure of who it is), go ahead and use their name. "​

    [re: using a name heard in the audio] "Name use like that is a bit risky, because the person doing approvals probably won't actually watch the video (they'll see the actor names and some thumbs, to make sure the title matches the content)."​

    " We don't follow a set schedule for when we'll be posting batches, unfortunately. There are several reasons why we post large batches, but none of those are predictable.
    The only real consistency is that we operate from 9-5 Mon-Fri, so almost all our HITs will be posted in that time frame. "​

    [re: which time zone] "Eastern (Same as New York)."​

    " For small batches we will usually get to the approvals within a few business days (weekends can delay it a bit). In the last couple weeks we've posted a lot more HITs than our usual, so there's a bit of a delay for some people. "​

    " We don't mass-reject for a handful of bad ones. Usually if someone gets a large number of rejections it'll be because they're copy/pasting, cheating some other way, or they have really bad English (i.e. quality is too low to use). "​

    " We don't currently offer a second chance [to redo a rejected HIT] (aside from when it's reposted), but it's not at all inevitable that you'd end up repeating yourself. You might be surprised how many Turkers have written thousands of titles and descriptions for us.
    From the stats we have here, it looks like the top 10 Turkers that have worked for us have submitted a total of 157712 HITs, with only 371 rejections (that's 0.2%). Most Turkers will never get a large number of rejections from us. "​

    [re: why certain phrasings aren't allowed in the titles/descriptions:]
    " Adult websites are a strange business sometimes. There are many laws and regulations we need to comply with, in many different countries (and sometimes those laws are even different between states or provinces, like in the US). Adding in that we allow user uploads and content partner uploads, and it can get a bit odd. There is some content that we can show but not describe, and there is other content that we will not be publishing but doesn't get disabled until after we've had titles written.
    Drunkenness is an example of something that is read into the content by the viewer. A scene could show someone having a drink then some sex, which is fine. However, if it's got a title of "Guy Screws Drunk Girl" then that's no good, because that's non-consensual. We can't allow titles that explicitly cross that line. "​

    " Titles can't mention incest at all. Anything that shows incest should be disabled by us before the scene is published. "​

    " The 90+ character ones are descriptions, and multiple sentences are fine in those.
    Those titles [re: "In one recent batch the actual titles of the movies were displayed."] are the names of the content the scene is from (probably the name of a DVD or web series). Those are there to give you an idea of the type of content it is, but you probably shouldn't use it in the title. "​

    " "Ebony" and "vanilla/chocolate" are fine. For individual words, we've blocked almost all the bad ones (I had to make that list, based on Wikipedia's list of racial slurs... I kind of hated humanity for the rest of the day). Sometimes tone or expressions read as racism loud and clear. Just try not be be insulting to anyone in the scene and you should be fine.
    The second one is funny and clever, however I'd avoid disturbing euphemisms like "hatchet wound". Variety and humor are good, but keeping it sexy is important too.
    We generally post larger batches on a weekly basis, but that's not guaranteed. The need for titles and descriptions can arise if we get new content, or if we're launching a new site that we want unique text for. It's fairly unpredictable. "​
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    Jun 2012 from 'Oversight' at MTF - I approve NetMSI HITs. Here are some guidelines:

    " I am one of the mturk approvers for NetMSI hits, yes, those porn HITs you guys love so much.

    Right now, since we're experiencing major loading problems, I thought I'd start a forum and give you REAL tips and details on how to get your NetMSI HITs approved.

    If you do the following, I have ZERO problem approving all of your HITs.

    1.) Write every sentence uniquely. If you start your titles and/or descriptions with the same phrase, or overuse the same words, they will be rejected! End of discussion. We are paying you for a service and that service is to create UNIQUE text for us. I cannot stress this enough.

    2.) Humorous/sexy-sounding titles are encouraged. Please don't sound medical. This is PORN writing, not technical writing.

    3.) Given the nature of writing, YOUR SENTENCES and TITLES MUST MAKE SENSE. Simply writing gibberish and ratting off random keywords are grounds for immediate rejection. Also, use proper spelling and punctuation.

    4.) If you possess crappy English writing skills and you know who you are - do NOT waste your time doing NetMSI HITs. I'm an English major. I can tell instantly whether or not your writing is up to par.

    5.) DO NOT CHEAT. A lot of you like to grab existing text from other sites and pass it off as your own. If I could penalize these cheaters even more, I would. Do not do this. We have programs that root these out rather quickly and you will be banned!

    Look, if you want easy money, just do the job honestly. That's it. Don't try to cheat. Don't try to use templates. Don't repeat words. Don't cut corners. Basically, just do the job as entailed. "​
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    Sep 2012 - TrevorNetmsi comments on Submitted 80 porn title HITs, and 37 got rejected. Now my approval rating is less than 70%. Is there any quick way to get myself out of this approval hole? (also here)

    [re: complaints that they're getting tougher]
    " I've been seeing comments like this a fair bit lately, so I looked into it. Historically (roughly 1.3 million HITs) our approval rating is 95.76%. Recently we had a rather prolific cheater (entered the same description over 2000 times), so the raw numbers are a bit off. If I cut out the batches that were skewed by that guy, our approval rate over the last two months is 94.80%, so I wouldn't say we've gotten "harder".

    This next bit is more opinion than analysis, but to me the rejections looked normal compared to past batches. The vast majority of them are people obviously using templates or copy/paste, and people with terrible English skills

    As for the "quality is too low to use" rejections recently, there were two trends that stood out. First, when we were running batches for Thai scenes (with instructions stating they are Thai), a large number of people referred to the performers as black. Second, when we were running MILF/Mature batches, a large number of people would use "Mature" as a noun. Those two trends led to slightly higher rejection rates for those batches.

    For anyone who didn't see it, I did a bit of a Q&A on HITsWorthTurkingFor a little while back: "​

    Sep 2012 - US - Provide a short (61 character) title for a piece of adult content - NetMSI - .08/10seconds - >95% : HITsWorthTurkingFor - first a comment from TrevorNetmsi there, and then another user quoting a post he'd made on CMB:

    [re: getting an error message in their HITs] " That's actually an error on our end. It's related to the new HIT types we're testing (actor info and tagging). I think something went wrong with the script that creates our HITs, and it made some title ones with missing info (so they can't load properly). Due to some technicalities of how the API works, removing them is actually pretty difficult. "​

    " we haven't had many problems with cheaters lately. They're pretty easy to catch with the tools we're using on our end, so we manage to block & reject most of them pretty quickly. There was a surge of people using templates and copy/pasting for a while there, but since we put some work into contacting the various Turker communities it died down (I'm sure the large numbers of rejections also helped get that message out).

    A note for everyone on the topic of rejections: we don't like to do it, and we don't have any quotas or artificial reason to reject. We repost any HITs that we reject, so any submissions we can't accept cost us in the time it took to review them. In an ideal world, everything we got would be accepted (as of right now, we've posted over 1.2 million HITs, and just over 96% were approved, so we're pretty happy with Turkers in general). "​

    Oct 2012 - TrevorNetmsi comments on ICA - Create tags for a piece of adult content - NetMSi - $0.11/~2 minutes (>500, >95%, 18+)

    " Creativity isn't really an issue for the tagging ones. All we're looking for is accurate reporting of what's in the scene. "​

    Nov 2012 - TrevorNetmsi comments on US - Provide a short (61 character) title for a piece of adult content - NetMSI - .07/30seconds - >95%

    " The easiest way to avoid having similar titles is to vary sentence structure. I often do the reviews of rejections when people send us angry emails, and it's almost always someone who wrote every single response in the format: "[describe woman] does/gets [describe action] with/on/in [describe place or partner]"
    90% of the rejections we give out for "responses [that] are too similar" could have been avoided if people would start titles with anything other than describing the woman. "​
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    first half of 2013:

    Mar 2013 - TrevorNetmsi comments on US-Provide Title-NetMSi-.07/20seconds-(>95%)Batch Hits

    " We don't expect Shakespeare, just good spelling and grammar. High quality writing, clever titles, and good puns are always appreciated, but certainly not required. "​

    " Due to how we host them, our HITs are created by a script one-by-one instead of all at once in a batch. The current set of titles that was posted is around 100k HITs total, which probably took our script a few hours to fully post up. "​

    Mar 2013 - TrevorNetmsi comments on ICA - Provide a 90+ character description for a piece of adult content - NetMSI - $.12/1min - >95%

    " The submit button shows up once the title/description is long enough. There's also a little grey progress bar under the input box that goes up as you type. "​

    Mar 2013 - TrevorNetmsi comments on Did anyone get paid for those 12 cent porn title HITS? and a couple other currently-invisible comments from him there:

    " Our actor info, tagging and image selection HITs auto-approve in nine to eleven days unless they are rejected before then. Our titles and descriptions are manually reviewed and will usually be done in two to five business days (unless it's an extra large batch, like this week). The auto-approval for the writing ones is twelve days. "​

    " The actor info, tags, and image selection ones will auto-approve in nine to eleven days, unless a mistake is found and they are rejected before then. It's set up that way due to it being a multi-step process where the info is verified by multiple sources. Our writing ones are manually reviewed. "​

    " The reason some people get a lot of rejections, is that they fail to read the instructions. The most common thing we have to reject for these days is "similarity", which basically means that the titles and descriptions being submitted by someone are all nearly identical. The instructions on the page ask for titles "that [are] different from other titles you write", because titles that follow a template and all look the same are bad for search engine results.

    If your writing looks like a computer wrote it, then we can't use it. If you submit the same title more than once, we can't use it. There's a list of other things we also can't use (like implying rape or incest, racism, and unreadable grammar), which are detailed in the on-screen instructions.

    It may seem obvious to most of you, but the easiest way to avoid rejections from us is to read the instructions.

    Also, the vast majority of titles we get are in the form "[describe woman] [describe action] [describe place]". When someone with a small dirty vocabulary uses that style, the titles all end up looking the same, and will often have duplicates even if the writer doesn't realize it. My advice to anyone who is doing our writing HITs is to put a bit of effort into changing up your sentence structure. "​

    Mar 2013 - currently-invisible comment on The first cut is the deepest. : mturk, from TrevorNetmsi's comment history:

    " We only reject responses that we can not use. We delete them immediately from our system (i.e. we do not ever use the completed work), and re-create the HIT to be redone. We have posted over 1.9 million HITs, and currently have an approval rate of 96.1%. "​

    May 2013 - TrevorNetmsi comments on ICA - Provide a short (61 character) title for a piece of adult content - NetMSi - .08/~15 seconds (Batch) - (>95% Adult Qual)

    " The performer names have always been part of the "new" interface (which is actually about two years old by now). Many of our scenes don't have the actor information in our content database yet though, so those ones don't have the actors listed up top. "​

    May 2013 - invisi-comment on Anybody have any experience with netmsi? : mturk

    " Our actor info, tagging, and image selection ones will use the auto-approval (set to 11, 10, and 9 days, respectively) due to the complexity of that three-step process.

    The writing ones are manually reviewed, so they should be done long before the 12-day limit, but not right away. It does take us a bit of time to get through them all. "​

    Jun 2013 - TrevorNetmsi comments on US - Provide a short (61 character) title for a piece of adult content - NetMSI - $0.08/15 secs - (>95%, adult qualification, batch)

    [re: a worker talking about his generic titling method] "Do not do this. Titles that look like a computer wrote them are no good to us, and are very likely to lead to a ton of rejections."​

    Jun 2013 - TrevorNetmsi comments on NetMSi porn hits are back! -write short (61 character) for piece of adult content-.08/30 seconds >95% adult approval (automatic)

    " Our staff that does approvals works on them almost as soon as we have results, but it does take some time to get through them all (results come in faster than we can review them). If you got "instant" approvals, then that's pretty much just luck. "​

    " There are no qualifications for these that we give out. The Adult Content qualification is one that Amazon controls, and you can give it to yourself by just confirming your age. "​

    Jun 2013 - TrevorNetmsi comments on ICA-Create Tags for Adult Content-NetMSi-0.11/1min-(>500, >95%, Adult Qual 1) NSFW

    " For both quality control and fairness to Turkers, we don't automate our approvals for titles and descriptions. Each submission is reviewed by our staff. This can be a bit slow compared to other requesters. We start working on approvals as soon as we have responses, but it can take several business days to work through large batches.

    For the actor info, keyword tagging, and image selection ones, those also take a bit of time since it's a three step process. Those ones are set up to auto-approve after nine to eleven days (if they aren't rejected before then due to a mistake that's caught in one of the later steps). If we get reports of a mistake then we manually review those to make sure the Turker claiming the dispute isn't just trying to cheat. We had to build in enough time for the later steps to get done, and additional time for our staff to review the disputes. "​
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    second half of 2013:

    Jul 2013 - TrevorNetmsi comments on ICA - Provide a short (61 character) title for a piece of adult content - NetMSI - .08/30sec - 94%, adult (BATCH)

    " Our reviews have been fairly bad recently. All I can say is that we haven't changed our policies or how strict we are. Our rejection rates are around the same as they've always been (between 4-5%). We don't get many cheaters anymore, and the majority of our rejections these days are for poor English skills on the writing ones, and missing people on the actor info ones.

    A lot of the angry negative reviews come from people who got actor counts wrong. When I get messages disputing the rejections, I'll usually include the images that prove what I'm saying, but a lot of people still refuse to believe they got it wrong. "​

    Jul 2013 - comments from him on US - Tag watermarks on images for a piece of adult content - NetMSI - .01/10s - >95% : HITsWorthTurkingFor

    " There are no qualifications that we control for any of our HIT types. The only ones we use are: approval rate, Adult Content, and some use # approved "​

    " It's all based on the averages between the ones where there is a watermark to type in, and the ones with nothing that are just a button click. Historically (according to the numbers in our database) these ones pay better than the tagging/actor ones, but less than the titles. "​

    " If there's no site name, and just a bit of ambiguous scrolling text then you can treat it like a subtitle. Some content providers will use scrolling watermarks so they can't be covered over easily, but that's not knowledge we expect Turkers to extrapolate from.

    We only expect you to go on the information you were given. If there is a scrolling watermark, but the images you were shown just have something that looks like a subtitle, then you are correct to not enter anything. "​

    [re: a worker complaint] " We don't block due to feedback, disputes, or arguing. This Turker was blocked at the same time as 3/4 of his titles were rejected for being unusable (for various reasons). "​

    Jul 2013 - comments from him on ICA-Create Short Title-NetMSi-.08/20sec-(Adult=1 and >95%) BATCH : HITsWorthTurkingFor

    " A lot of people use the same basic structure of "[describe woman] [describe main action] [in/with/by] [describe place or other performer]" and if you do enough of those they end up all looking the same as if a computer is just swapping words out. A little bit of variation of sentence structure is generally all it takes to make sure things aren't similar.

    It's probably also why we tend to get better results for gay or transgender scenes, since people don't default to starting with describing the woman. "​

    Jul 2013 - comments from him on ICA-Provide a short (61 character) title for a piece of adult content-NetMSi-.07/20sec-(Adult Qualification=1, >95%) NSFW : HITsWorthTurkingFor

    [re: someone thinking they used to pay 12 cents for these]
    " Your timing and numbers are way off. We have never paid 12 cents for the 40-61 character titles. The highest they've been was 10 cents, and that was back in December 2011. Since then they've been at 8 cents, except for very large batches where we lower it to 7 due to lack of competition (the estimated hourly rate ends up being the same).

    People might be confusing the 40-61 "titles" with our 90+ "descriptions" (which are currently set to pay 12 cents).
    Also, the clicking for actor names has been in place since 2011 (I wrote it). "​

    " We do not set any limits on the number you can do. Newer workers have some limits set by Amazon though (plus there's the possibility they are being done faster than we can add them). "​

    " For both quality control and fairness to Turkers, we don't automate our approvals for titles and descriptions. Each submission is reviewed by our staff. This can be a bit slow compared to other requesters. We start working on approvals as soon as we have responses, but it can take several business days to work through large batches. Watermarks are also manually checked, though the process tends to go faster than with the writing HITs.

    For the actor info, keyword tagging, and image selection ones, those also take a bit of time since it's a three step process. Those ones are set up to auto-approve after nine to eleven days (if they aren't rejected before then due to a mistake that's caught in one of the later steps). If we get reports of a mistake then we manually review those to make sure the Turker claiming the dispute isn't just trying to cheat. We had to build in enough time for the later steps to get done, and additional time for our staff to review the disputes. "​

    Jul 2013 - comments from him on ica Provide a short (61 character) title for a piece of adult content, netmsi, $0.08/30-45 seconds, >95, adult qual, almost 24k hits this time : HITsWorthTurkingFor

    " Switching up sentence structure helps a lot. I'd say about 95% of the responses we get for straight scenes start with describing the woman. If you start with the locaion, the man, or the action then it will greatly improve the variance of your titles.
    It's also probably why we tend to get better titles for gay and tansgender content. "​

    " We manually review all titles and descriptions, so we're pretty slow. Depending on what order we work on our batches, and where your worker ID falls alphabetically (the default sort in our approval tools), you can get results anywhere between 1-6 business days. "​

    Jul 2013 - comments from him on Multiple Batch porn based ones from NetMSi, details inside.. : HITsWorthTurkingFor

    " We've been getting a lot of bad reviews lately. Most of them are from people that I've had email conversations with, who simply refuse to believe it's possible they counted people wrong, or made that many spelling mistakes.

    Our "strictness" has not changed, and our approval rate remains around 96% (with the majority of rejections being for terrible English skills on titles and descriptions). We've approved over 2.3 million HITs, though we've also rejected about 97000 in the process.

    Our primary concern is fairness to the Turkers who do good work, and we repost all rejected HITs so there is no monetary reason for us to reject. Still, there's little that can be done about people getting angry and leaving 1/1/1/1 reviews (I wish they'd at least give a 4-5 for communication when I've been emailing back and forth with them for a day). "​

    " At the end of our image selection batches there are always a few "broken" HITs. This happens because the image HITs depend on information from the tagging HITs, but sometimes the information is found to be incorrect after the images HIT is created. In theses cases the tagging is redone, and if there are no tags that need images we end up with the ones that you see now.

    We do have processes in place to find and disable these broken image selection HITs, but Turkers will always be able to find them faster. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I assure you there is nothing on your end that causes the issue for these HITs. "​

    Aug 2013 - TrevorNetmsi comments on ICA - Provide a short (61 character) title for a piece of adult content - NetMSi - $0.08/20s - >95% (Batch)

    " The vast majority of titles and descriptions we get start with describing the main woman in the scene. When people can't do that, they tend to be more creative. We usually get much better titles for our gay and transgender content compared to the straight scenes. "​

    Aug 2013 - invisi-comment on Did you get your NetMSI hits approved yet? : mturk

    " If you haven't got any results (no rejections and no approvals) then that just means we haven't gotten to your HITs yet. Delays aren't a sign that we're unhappy with the work. "​

    Nov 2013 - invisi-comment on Most Hits accepted without a single rejection? : mturk

    " This got me curious, so I had a look at our logs. This is just with us, not the Turker's overall stats though.

    Most HITs with no rejections: 8177

    Most HITs with one rejection: 20815

    Most HITs with two rejections: 30823

    That last guy has been doing HITs for us since we started... the ID for his row in the database table is 3, hehe. "​
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  8. clickhappier ★★Ⰼ₳ՖŦξᚱ⌚ Contributor

    Jul 1, 2014
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    first half of 2014:

    Feb 2014 - TrevorNetmsi comments on NetMSI - No such HIT?

    [re: getting an error message in their HITs] " The main problem is that the Mechanical Turk API doesn't have any way to see active HITs. We can either get a specific one if we have the ID, or all of them that aren't disposed (and disposing of finished ones means we can't reverse rejections in the case of mistakes). Also, quite often if we do identify one that has a problem, an attempt to cancel it will fail because a Turker currently has it open. Of course the API doesn't tell us that, it always says it worked.

    At the end of our batches for the multi-step ones (actors/tagging/images/positions), there are always a few that were created based on information that later changed. Those would be the ones where you don't see any tags to pick images for. We have a process in place that attempts to find and cancel those, but then we run into the cancellation-while-open problem. The "No Such HIT" messages happen when we tried to cancel one and it didn't work on Amazon's side, then when you try to load it our DB sees that there are no open HITs for that scene. "​

    May 2014 - TrevorNetmsi comments on Question About -> Provide a short (61 character) title for a piece of adult content

    " It generally takes us about 3-5 business days to get through large batches like this one. We work normal office hours, so no approvals are done over the weekend. "​

    May 2014 - TrevorNetmsi comments on ICA - Provide a short (61 character) title for a piece of adult content - NetMSi - $.08/15s >95% BATCH

    " I just checked the totals, and we've now posted around 3.9 million HITs, and our approval rate has drifted up to 97.2% "​

    May 2014 - comments from him on ICA - Provide a short (61 character) title for a piece of adult content - NetMSi - $0.08/15s - >95% BATCH : HITsWorthTurkingFor

    " When the batches are this big it eliminates the scarcity problem, and people are able to do large numbers without interruption. Basically, for batches over 50k HITs, we drop the pay [from 8 cents] to 7 [cents] but the amount earned per hour stays the same. I know it sucks to see a pay drop, but we have looked at the numbers repeatedly and are confident that the situation is fair for Turkers when the batches are this big. "​

    " We review the titles and approve them manually. Due to it being a larger batch than normal it will take a few business days (note: this means nothing will happen over the weekend) to get through approvals, but it shouldn't go as far as the auto-approval date. "​

    May 2014 - comments from him on US - Provide a short (61 character) title for a piece of adult content - NetMSI - .07/25s - (>95, ADULT, BATCH) : HITsWorthTurkingFor

    " We review them manually. It usually takes a few business days to get through a batch, which could be a bit longer since this one is bigger than normal. Still, should be reviewed and approved long before the auto-approval. "​

    [re: concern about titles possibly being too similar] " That would depend on what you mean by "look something like".
    [describe woman][describe action][describe partner] - fine, fair bit of variation
    "horny [haircolor] milf sucks and fucks [partner]" - too similar
    Having the same basic sentence structure for all your titles will make it more likely that you're submitting similar ones and not realizing it (people often don't realize how much they use the same words). But that alone isn't enough to call them similar. It's when there are literally the same words being used in the same place, that's a problem. "​

    " A big part of the advantage we have in using mTurk is the variety of people submitting responses. There's two reasons for this. First is that the main reason we do this is to improve how search engines view our sites, and having natural language from multiple contributors is the best way to achieve that. Second is speed, which I'm guessing doesn't really need an explanation. "​

    " The last time we paid more than 8 cents for titles was December 21 2011. Back when we started we didn't have any good stats yet, and the pay was based on our testing. Turns out Turkers are way faster at doing them than we are, so we adjusted the price to match our target estimated hourly rate (EHR).

    With batches over 50k hits (this one is around 120k) it eliminates the scarcity problem. Basically, people don't have to compete to get the hits, and can do more in a stretch without interruption. This makes Turkers faster on average, and our number crunching has shown that you guys make about the same EHR at 7 cents for batches over 50k, as you do for 8 cents on smaller ones. "​
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  9. TrevorNetmsi New Member Requester

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    Just a quick update, since a bunch of older posts have stats in them.

    Total HITs posted - 4742822
    Approval Rate - 97.73%
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  10. clickhappier ★★Ⰼ₳ՖŦξᚱ⌚ Contributor

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    second half of 2014, and 2015:

    Oct 2014 - TrevorNetmsi comments on ICA Provide a simple title for a piece of adult content -AdultNetHITs-$0.06/30sec(>95%)(AC Qual is 1)

    " We changed our name due to a change in Amazon's requester account setup that required us to switch to a new business account.
    The "simple" title HITs are different from the normal title ones. The normal titles will still do the auto-formatting, and still pay the same amount. The simple ones pay less, but can be much shorter and have no rules for capitalization (you don't need to do the same style capitalization that the script does on the other ones). "​

    Nov 2014 - TrevorNetmsi comments on ICA-Provide a simple title for a piece of adult content -AdultNetHITs-20sec/.06-Hit approval >95%, Adult Content Qual[BATCH >4000]

    " Just a note on these ['simple title'] ones, you don't need to capitalize them the same way the script does on the longer titles.
    We had to remove clicking the actor names since the lower limit on these is only 10 characters, and about 98% of the submissions where actors were available was just the first actors name. "​

    Dec 2014 - post in MTG daily thread: 12/16 - To Poké or Not To Poké on Tuesday!

    " Figured I'd take this opportunity to let you lot know a bit of how our system works.

    The smaller batches that you see every day at the same time are actually auto-generated. Based on the schedules of scenes that go live on our sites, our system will see what still needs to be done for stuff scheduled in the near future, and creates HITs for watermarks, titles, and actor info/tagging if any of those things haven't been done yet. These vary in size, since the sources of new content (user uploads, affiliate programs, exclusive scenes we get made, etc...) are kind of random.

    Larger batches come when we get some new content (like today, a few thousand HD scenes), usually going on more than one site. We'll publish these batches manually, so the timing will be different. In a lot of these cases, most of the scenes will be going live as soon as they're ready instead of being scheduled in the future, so we need to make sure everything is done ahead of time.

    Huge batches usually mean we're launching a new site with general content (so, not just a small set of scenes with something in common) where we want unique text, so we suddenly have a need for a new title for a huge portion of our catalog. That doesn't happen very often, but when it does you'll notice that HITs from us don't run out for a couple days (and reviews go much slower). "​

    Aug 2015 - TrevorNetmsi comments on What ever happen to Adultnethits?

    " We have an automatic process that creates batches each morning for new content that is scheduled to go live on our sites. This has existed for quite a while, but we've gotten a bit better at scheduling and planning with Mechanical Turk in mind. Basically, we used to have fairly frequent times when we needed a medium sized batch in a rush, but that tends not to happen anymore.

    Large batches still happen occasionally, as /u/clickhappier mentioned it's tied to us launching a new site or getting a very large batch of new content. The medium batches that were posted about once a week have basically been replaced by the daily small batches.

    We have posted 24856 HITs in the last 7 days. "​
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