Mturkgrind Forum Rules

  • Firstly thank you for taking a few minutes to read over our forum rules. We appreciate your support. (also known as MTG) is a free forum that provides our users with anything related to Amazon's Mechnical Turk, such as help, hits, requester information, general discussion, etc. whilst we appreciate all member contributions, there are certain rules that must be followed to allow a pleasurable and safe experience for all our users, and we appreciate if you could familiarise yourself with these rules listed below:

    • Rule #1 - General Respect of Others

      Do not make derogatory comments, post images, or use avatars that are disrespectful to others' race, gender, sexual preference, religion, ideologies, or political affiliation. Trolling is strictly forbidden. Do not post personally identifiable information such as email addresses or phone numbers. Be respectful of other MTurk-related forums and websites. We here at MTG believe this rule is common sense, the saying "treat others how you would like to be treated" applies here. You wouldn't talk to someone in a rude manner in real life, so we expect the same treatment of and from all members on MTG. Note: Swearing is allowed on MTG, however we ask that you keep it to a minimum where possible.

    • Rule #2 - Survey Content

      Discussing the content of surveys, qualification tests or revealing "golden" answers in HITs is strictly prohibited. Do not reveal attention checks for any HITs. Survey content means anything past the MTurk HIT preview page.

    • Rule #3 - Scamming and/or Cheating

      We do not allow posts promoting the violation of MTurk's Terms of Service or posts that encourage anyone to not following requester instructions. Please be respectful of what a requester has asked of you to do, if you feel that the requester is being unfair (such as paying poorly for a task) just don't do the hit.

    • Rule #4 - "Awesome HITS" Threads

      The daily "Awesome HITS" thread is mainly for HITs and MTurk-related conversation. Some general off-topic conversation is fine, but any off-topic conversation that becomes excessive may be moved to a separate thread. Please PM a moderator about any moderation issues rather than posting in the daily thread, or feel free to report the post in question using the inbuilt reporting feature on each post. For general discussion, we have a dedicated Lounge forum which you may post whatever you like as long as these rules are followed.

    • Rule #5 - Prohibited Content

      The posting of pornographic, gore or shock material, links to copyright material (such as movies, music, etc. aka torrents) are strictly prohibited. The exception to this rule is posting HIT links that contain adult content (I.E a hit is adult content orientated).

    • Rule #6 - Scripts

      Scripts are fine as long as they don't auto-submit HITs. Also do not post PANDA (previewandaccept) links without context.

    • Rule #7 - Intoxication

      You may not be intoxicated while completing HITs. MTG allows you access while you're intoxicated (such as alcohol or drugs), however it is strictly forbidden to work whilst intoxicated, as such you may not use MTG to complete HITs posted on our forum.

    • Rule #8 - Age

      Registration to MTG requires you to be 18 years of age or older.

  • About Accounts and Content
  • Account & Content deletion is prohibitted. MTG Administration do not delete accounts nor content (unless otherwise stated). If you wish to have your account deleted, we suggest you simply do not log onto the forum.

  • Moderation Policy

  • Moderation of content is performed on MTG by a specific moderation and administration team. Our moderations have the right to perform any moderation duty they see fit (delete, edit, move, etc.) and are supported by management in doing so. Moderators may impose a warning or ban for anyone caught breaking our rules. Link and content spammers get a permanent ban and are denied re-registration. We do not allow back seat moderation (users trying to moderate content by posting) however we support members who use our in-house report feature on each post, which also allows us to deal with inappropriate content quickly and efficiently.

    Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact an MTG staff member which can be found here.

  • These rules are subject to change at any given time as deemed fit by management, it is up to you the user to be familar with these rules at all times.

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