Donation Perks


Grind Mode: This is a setting on the forum that allows you to filter posts within threads to only show links. This makes it easier to show just hits to you and cut out the rest of the conversation that occurs within the daily threads and only focusing on the work!


Live Update: Live update is a new feature that allows threads to automatically load new posts as they are posted to that thread. It makes it easier to keep track of the thread seamlessly without having to refresh the page.


Keyword Alerts: With Keyword Alerts you can be notified by email whenever certain keywords are mentioned on the forum. You can create sets of keywords to watch for and set it to watch specific areas of the forum, if you like. Alert emails are sent out every 5 minutes. To get to your Keyword Alerts, just click your name at the top of the screen and go to Keyword Alert in the dropdown menu.


Bookmark Posts & Threads: With this feature you will be able to bookmark any post or thread on the forum. You can also create notes for these book marks and keep track of them very neatly inside of your bookmark folder from your user preferences. This helps you keep track of important posts directly from the forum!


User Tagging Alert Emails: You will now be able to choose whether or not to receive emails for whenever someone tags you on the forum!


To become a contributor of the forum and receive the above features you must donate a minimum of $10. You can donate here.


Donations do stack, so if you decide to donate $5 today and donate the rest of the $5 on a later date to make up for the rest to achieve Contributor status, this is acceptable.


Thank you for contributing to MTG!

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