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  2. PhytAge Labs
    PhytAge Labs
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  3. Gavino Martin Garza
  4. DarkChild
    Let me drive my van into your heart.
  5. boberdoo
    boberdoo - automating and improving the lead generation industry since 2001.
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  7. Dillu Jain
  8. iWork4MyDog
    iWork4MyDog Tripsa
    I am unable to post in the daily AWSOME HITS thread... what's up with that?
    1. Tripsa
      This site is pretty much deserted, as for the issue it's something only the admin can fix, but they are never on. Most of us have moved over to "" due to all the issues on this site. Feel free to join us there.
      Apr 17, 2017
  9. iWork4MyDog
    I am learning the "ropes" of being a mTurk. I love my dog.
  10. C to the J
    C to the J NathanPS
    You're the best. I am a cock smoker though, and I fuck little boys every weekend, just thought I would share!
  11. Jenco
    New Here Just Trying to learn the ropes.
  12. Thomas orlando
    Thomas orlando
    always willing and aspiring
  13. Zulu
    Back and free of strings!
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  20. pepper73
    A lot of details for a newbie, any suggestions on where to start first? With links so I can go right to them and jump right in.